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You will find a selection of past performances and texts.
My research is situated in the field of performance studies on the border of applied social studies and theater studies. To be more precise: as a performer and performance theorist, my subject of interest and my mode of dissemination overlap:
I am interested in exemplifying, citing, and staging ideas, questions and hypotheses so that I am able to speak with a topic – and not merely about it. Following, my lecture performances explore how performative practices possibly bring forth knowledge.
"99% bacteria-free."
Explores connotations of bacteria, hygiene, and eating habits aiming to reflect cultural contexts and their contemporary practices. It invites the audience to examine, critique, and smile at non-official but widely accepted ‘rules’ that control our everyday behavior, i.e., sterilizing our hands with hand sanitizer before meals, cleaning our cutlery before eating in cafeterias, and not touching door knobs in public toilets.
Some practices are more evident than others, some are on the verge of neurotic absurdity. Yet interestingly enough, all of these practices are – in some way or another – accepted and performed. So what happens if I decide to borrow some of these practices centered around the topic of bacteria and re-frame them?
What happens if you were to be served fruit salad with a portion of lactobacillus bifidus from a petri dish? Would you eat it?

Tanzplattform Deutschland 2014. Tag der offenen Tür
Video trailer:
Concept and performance: Rainer / Wojtulewicz
Stockholm: Fringe Festival, August 2012.
"She’s All Dressed up for Peace."
Concept und performance: Rainer / Héraud
Hamburg: Dancekiosk, July 2012
"Wissen is(s)t Torte."
Concept and performance: Rainer / Gelderblom
Berlin: Kunstfabrik am Flutgraben e.V., August 2011
"Spielen is nich."
Concept and performance: Rainer / Maier
Hamburg: LICHTHOF Theater, February 2010
Concept and performance: Rainer / Héraud
Schöppingen: Künstlerdorf, December 2011
"Subject Identified" 
(final performance M.A. Performance Studies) 
Concept and performance: Rainer
Hamburg: Kampnagel Kulturfabrik, June 2008